rubbed the right way


Kneeling over the back of my thighs

His big hands massage oil over my bare skin

The press and pull of fingers gripping and sliding

Over the naked expanse of my back and shoulders

Thick thumbs press the tension

From the knotted muscles at the back of my neck

His thick fingers flow over the curves of my back

From the highs of my shoulders

To the low of valley of my back

Eager to climb the hills of my ass

He saturates me with the hot oil

Until it glistens and drips from my sides

Saturating the sheets beneath me

And making me a sensual playground

Of sensations for his touch

I feel him move forward and back

As he reaches and stretches over my back

I feel the harness of his powerful thighs

Stretched outside of my own

I feel the heavy weight of his low hanging balls

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