hidden beach

and the beach beckons again…………….(͡• 🔥 ͜ʖ 🔥 ͡•) ლ(🔥\◡👅◡/🔥)ლ


How have you touched me as I wander distant shores

Bathed in the sunshine and feet in the sand

How is it that your shadow is cast upon my back

As I swirl eddies of turquoise Caribbean waters

About my thighs as I walk against the gentle waves

The heated caress of an open ocean laps against my body

As trickles of water pearl and drip from my skin

Kissed, burnished and freckled from the radiant skies

Fingers dipping, swirling the surface, breaking tension

Before I suddenly dive head first into shallow depths

Carelessly free, suddenly weightless, erotically bathed

The soundless roar of nothingness encases me in silence

Limited to isolation and connected by endless openness

I am caught by the mammalian need to surface for air

Gasping with childlike delight as the heat of the sun

Touches my face as I break the surface tasting the salt

Tilting my…

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