cum queen


I am a cum queen

I love a mans ejaculate

Knowing he is excited

And feeling his cock harden

See his bag tighten

Knowing my pussy is arousing him

That’s what gets me off

I want to wear it

Feel the hot splash

On my face

Feel his thick head

Paint my face with it

I want to let it dry

Become my organic mask

Part of a beauty regime

I want it in my mouth

Dripping from my lips

In a wet sloppy blow job

Wetly drooling in thick ropes

Running in rivulets

Down my neck

And onto my breasts

I want his cum

Blown between my breasts

To titty fuck him to completion

And then have him massage his spunk

All over my chest and tummy

Feeling the hot cream cool

Bringing ice flesh and hard end nipples

Slippery shiny skin

Covered in his offering to me


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