You guys are horndogs – I had to continue (procrastinating) thinking some more : ) … sloppy seconds – no complaints.

Well, 🔥,well 🔥💞

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

…  I cum and I sway back down on your hips

holding tight to the air filling my lungs again

my hands on sweaty skin

cunt… alive I squeeze

you pulse back, your face blank in repose

I lick your neck brazenly

tasting your effort in every droplet


I love salt

your ear, I suck and bite just a little

as I pull

following the same lingering, taunting, humming, teasing pull

of your cock still inside of me

Again begins to whisper to my body

I pull up from you

to start, to check, to watch your closed lids

down. all of you inside of me until

I feel my cheeks kissing your pubic bone

deep so I can shift gears into 1st-

up in a small but sure thrust

eyes are still closed…

No more hands wrapped around your own arms

Time to swing back and forward as I…

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