It was Late part 2


Suddenly, he had a fist full of her hair, jolting her head up and telling her it was now time for her to go to work. He twisted her head sideways, shoving his hardening cock through her panting lips and pushing until he hit the back of her throat. She began a full mouth, rhythmic worship of his cock. The drool dripped from her lips as she sucked, licked and slurped up and down, taking it deep into her throat until she gagged repeatedly. She could feel him pulsing and growing harder and harder with need. She relished the taste and his mounting desire.

She was abruptly flipped onto her back as he hastily positioned himself between her legs and slammed his full length deep into her swollen hole. He began an unrelenting pounding that released another gush, again soaking the bedding underneath. She felt the burning sting of his…

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