Please, pour me a glass

Glad I didn’t miss this awesome morsel, glad it popped up while I was reading a more current sharing. đź‘€ ♥ * Íś * ♥ đź‘€

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

I wrap myself, naked, with your words.

I’m delighted by the wagging tails of your g’s

and the wisp of angled crosses in your tease.

While you linger in front of my eyes

and I fondle your literature’s prize,

I feel your firm hold reach up toward my mind…

you lead me and I’m careful to stay close behind.

You’re forthright connotation

is duly noted without reservation.

Your strokes of intelligence hit me deep inside…

wetting my appetite for decorum to slide

outside our normal boundaries.

When it does,  you bring me to my knees

and I take in every syllable you’ve got

because a quitter, I am not.

Though, I question sometimes, I must test

that you’re honestly giving your best.

So that by the end of your story,

I’m basking in your glory.

You said all that you had to say

your words left draping me as they sway.

You had every intention to be read in that way.

You, sweet man, are a Wordsmith Sommelier…


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