Taking Out the Trash part 2


Blog Post-1-12-2016-Taking Out the Trash part 2

With her eyes closed, she slowly raised her arms up and over her head, bringing them to rest gently upon each still bent knee.  Almost as if she was prying them apart, her legs slowly separated and fell to either side, leaving her sex open and exposed for him to see.  He was captivated by every layer and crease that opened so completely.  He could see every fold and flow that led to the glistening portal into her depths.  He watched as her hands slowly slid off her knees, down her thighs and began a torturously slow glide to her awaiting sex.  His own hands began rubbing across the front of his jeans, trying to tame the beast that was growing inside.

Her fingertips worked her lips, gently lapping up and down their smooth softness.  Her left hand went to rest gently on her inner thigh.  Her right hand began…

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