Going Down????


Why do people find this disgusting? I LOVE it nothing “gets me going” more than seeing the pleasure in his face, the motion in his moves, or the moan in his voice. Crazy story I had a friend who asked me to show her how I do going down so she could do it better on her husband (because she hated it)…soooo we got “dick” like products…sausage, cucumber, popsicle…you know anything that I could demonstrate on in various sizes. Look for those who don’t like it maybe because the taste there are all kinds of delicious flavorful lubs out there. I even went as far as to show her the hand motions and a lil “ball play”…So my thing to her is it’s all about foreplay this was something they didn’t do well he did her. I told her while she’s performing oral he could be playing with her, she…

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