Exquisite πŸ’‹πŸ’“πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯😈πŸ”₯😈



Hot and flushed
cheeks burn
with anticipation of you
the desire
has my heart
fingers intertwined,
I sit.
My inner thighs moist
for I am
with a wanting
of you…
Images of you
inside of me.
All I desire is
to feel
your hardness
your wetness
my clit
as my breathe
a pool
of my wetness
at your
slightest touch.

~These words are from my heart to yours. My thoughts spun to words. Be kind and respect them.~

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6 thoughts on “DRIPPING #1

    • I wish I could take credit for the words of my dear talented Friend Rosie ( rosiebiwords ) She can take a simple image and turn it into a piece of magical and sensual art. She also makes me keep a chin Bib nearby, have to save my shirts and then again with so many Grandchildren around, how would I explain why my shirt is wet???? TY for the kind words, I just wish I could write half as well as some of you talented people. But I will start to practice and release more of my own words in the near future, if I run out of delicious delights created by others to read and share……….. Wishing you a great day and week. πŸ‘€ β™₯ * ͜ * β™₯ πŸ‘€


      • You are a Grandfather!! OMG!! Your writings makes me feel you are as cool as the current youth…. Must appreciate yr audacity to write such a content at age like that (probably you should be around your 70s) I am personally getting inspired by you as the youth of my generation keep grumbling and they sound too old though they are really really young!! But you just surprised me… And warmest regards to your friend Rosie hope she is also talented and as old as you!! You guys rock!!

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      • I can take credit for the Cobra story, it was a true one from my time in Vietnam. I helped write the Under My Skin 3part short story with a talented young woman AngelLaFlare. The Drippings, I Wants, Shades of Love, all Rosies.
        Not quite 70, but 66 early next month. TY for such kind words. My role model at an early age was Peter Pan, I just wanted to stay young and I’ve done a good job at it. I only become and act like an Adult when it’s absolutely necessary or someone goes after my friends, family or loved ones in RL or in our virtual Universe. As a Dad and Grandad, I can be very protective at times.
        If people just act properly, they never have to meet that part of me, and I feel everyone should just love and respect each other, the world would be such a better and more enjoyable place to live.
        Rosie Rocks, indeed. She is from Kenya and MUCH younger like most people I know here in WP and Tumblr and Twitter

        wishing you a wonderful day/evening and rest of week.
        πŸ‘€ β™₯ * ͜ * β™₯ πŸ‘€
        Ν‘ Ν‘* β™₯ ͜ β™₯ Ν‘*

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