So Natural Together

foreverdreamingoflove 💋

dancing today

We were both in the room of our lovely hotel getting ready to go out for the night.  You are all ready and looking for a link on your phone that has old songs that you like.   Like the temptations, Marvin Gaye, earth wind and fire, etc.  You found the link (I think one of your friends had sent it to you) and started playing the songs and singing out loud.   I love that side of you.  It’s so natural, so sweet, so kind of boyish…   then I remember you took my hand and just danced with me.   Rocking to the rhythm of the songs.  I think we must have danced around that room for at least an hour. I loved that special way of being held in your arms when we were standing.   You just continue finding old songs that you liked.   I don’t think I have…

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