Magic Wand (repost)

sO REAL I think I need to drop myself into the shower πŸ‘€ β™₯ * ͜ * β™₯ πŸ‘€ (Ν‘β€’ πŸ”₯ ΝœΚ– πŸ”₯ Ν‘β€’)

Wet Bliss


Unable to stomp out the fire
Desire ratchets ever higher
Kicking off my stifling running shoes
Mind consumed with thoughts of only you
Constant sexual aggravation
Requires greedy gratification
Left all alone in a vacant home
No one around to hear me moan
Stripping my clothes through the hall
Leaving them behind where they fall
Moving toward my secret devices
Caring for myself will have to suffice
Turning on steam, cranking up the heat
Spreading a towel out below my feet
Under the gentle cascading spray
An abundance of suds make their way
Sliding over my distended nipples
Exciting me with delicate tickles
Down and around the curve of my hip
My knuckle lodged between my lips
Bubbles slither ever lower to stroke
Flames ever higher, thoroughly soaked
On my knees, ready to play and aspire
Working taught nub of electric live wires
Water penetrates my aching slit
Magic wand…

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