A poem

By Briton Underwood



I yearn to find a home in your thoughts

Let me nestle cozily next to your subconscious

Like a dream you can’t remember

But leaves a smile on your face all day

I don’t want you to quite figure me out

Like the words to a song you never get right

But enjoy nonetheless

I want to be your favorite little enigma

A puzzle you consistently try to solve

I want you unnerved and persistent

Chasing me like a mirage

I am there just slightly out of reach

I need you hungry and wanting

Looking to me to feast

I want you never sated

So you will never leave

Written By Briton Underwood

Briton “Punk Rock Papa” Underwood is a proud Parent, Writer and Original Bunker Punk. His passion for writing is second only to his passion for parenting. Co-founder of the Original Bunker…

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