Wishing you all an early Happy New Year from George/Georgie/PeterPan

Dear Friends and Followers and people I follow that for understandable reasons don’t follow me ( I reblog so much, even now that the WP “experts”(A$$*oles) took away my reblog button ((((;<((((

After tomorrow I’ll more gone than here, due to Clan and community commitments. I know most of you will understand completely, after all, contrary to popular belief, I do have a real life.

New Year’s Eve will be spent with my Clan’s Kiddies, yes I actually volunteered to supervise this houseful of children ranging from 9 yrs old down to 2 years old(I have 5 in the terrible 2s category). Have no fear, I raised 6 Sisters and 10 kids (7 biological) during my long lifetime, so I am well experienced, indeed. And even though I’m mute, I have an air horn(marine navigation type), personal alarms and I also have the remote control for the whole house alarm system and 911 on speed dial. They know if I call and start tapping morse code where to come and quickly.

I found some wonderful words of truth while glancing through a new Instagram Beta (doesn’t require  Iphone or Ipad or I anything, but just My phone to view and comment. (Great for mutes)

It gave a great link from the Mayo Clinic that gave so much advice on forgiving yourself and moving forward. I won’t type it all out, but here’s the link.


;and more




How to Better Yourself One Day at a Time

Now I’m not a medical expert or psychiatrist, but I am a non-practicing psychologist (I have all my degrees and certifications, but gave up license to take care of my SisterInLaw and her Twins after their birth a few years ago. Plus why pay malpractice insurance if you’re not working, right??????????), so as my Dad always said, Free advice is worth exactly what you pay for it. While I no longer have an office, doesn’t mean I don’t have a clue about what I’m doing or saying. It just means I don’t have to refer people to other providers or give sessions in order to make a living anymore. While I don’t do individual sessions, I still want people to know that surviving life during the holiday season isn’t easy for many of us, me included some days.

I do know that none of us can give up on ourselves or give in that dark part of our souls and listen to the dark voices telling us Life will never get better, because you aren’t really worth it. Never listen to the lies of those who don’t have your best intentions at heart. We are all worth love in abundance. Sometimes we think we have to be perfect to be loved, Hell, that’s a lie. After the death of my first wife and infant Son, I became a functioning alcoholic and one hell of a faker of happiness and success.

I met my second wife who saw what was inside my heart, not just the darkness and loved me enough to have 6 more kids and adopt 3 more along the way. So we are all lovable, but we first have to love ourselves which is not simple when all seems to be against you.

Life isn’t fair or equitable, it’s what the hell you make out of it, how you choose to react to the ups and downs and curveballs that get thrown your way. You can learn to run, dodge or stand still and let life beat you up


You can decide to live and survive at all odds enough to be able to smack the snot out of the curveballs and the A$$*oles who gain pleasure in your misery.

I choose to live every day the best I can and not try to transfer any misery I may have to anyone else. It’s my happiness and I refuse to delegate something that important to any one else, even my Clan. I decide every day I will be happy, I will be a better person or damn sure try my very best.

I’ll cut out my Dad voice and just tell you what I needed to say. I want to wish every one of you a better 2016 because you are all worth it, no exceptions(Well, if one of you is a closet Troll, then I’ll make an exception). I will light a candle for the whole dang bunch of you because none of us can every have enough prayers sent up for us.

I also wish all of you love, happiness, and joy in abundance. I learned once that you can never have too much joy, love, happiness, kisses, hugs or massages when your muscles cramp up, or extra arms when your own joints fail you.

do you mind if I send you all a bunch of hugs????? and wishes of love, joy, and happiness. Good, because I’m sending them anyway.  After all, forgiveness is sometimes easier to get than permission, indeed.

I love you all, maybe in different ways, due to your own individual personalities and tastes and senses of humore, but you are all loved immensely. After raising my Clan and all the tragedies we’ve survived, I’ve learned that my heart doesn’t get overfilled when I share love with more people, my heart just stretches(yep like pregnancy stretch marks) more and more to hold onto you all, every darn one of you.

My Doctor says to keep my heart strong, so loving you all is my therapy and medicine and so far, I’m healthier over all now than before coming here to social media in it’s many forms.

Don’t forget, someone here in the middle of nowhere in TN loves you, and you can’t do a damn thing about it. So there.

The lesson from this rant is:







👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀 ᕙ(💓▿💓)ᕗ ᕙ(💓▿💓)ᕗ ᕙ(💓▿💓)ᕗ

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀 👀 ♥ *  ͜    * ♥ 👀

9 thoughts on “Wishing you all an early Happy New Year from George/Georgie/PeterPan

  1. You are one of the kindest people I’ve ever ‘met’ online George! What a wonderful, warm and optimistic post ❤ Enjoy every moment with your family and as I'm not on WP very much these days, wishing you and yours the very best in the New Year!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Wow George that is so wonderful. I knownI told you about my girl losing the eye sight in her right eye. I’ve not been online as much so I was so sorry to see you are leaving. Happy New Year to you and thank you for all the wonderful chats and talks. You are such a blessing and giving and sharing soul. I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you and apologize for not coming by sooner. Blessings and love to you George! ❤️💟💗😜😄

    Liked by 2 people

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