Unveiled Desires ~ A Duet

Wet Bliss


I’m craving something forbidden
A tasteful roughness that excites
Leaving marks as reminders hidden
Of passions revealed in the night

Let’s begin with you over my knees
Panties down, revealing creamy skin
Giving me access to spank and tease
Unlocking desires you keep hidden within

Bent over I feel your hardness press
Against my undulating desire
The diligent eagerness makes me wet
On the first caress to stroke of fire

Having you bent so across my lap
I caress with single-minded intent
To bring down my hand with a hard slap
And inhale your sweet, desirous scent

Heat radiates as I squirm in place
Securely held with successive smacks
Surrendered to euphoric subspace
Moisture wells as my body goes lax

I love seeing you submit this way
Succumbing to your deepest desires
Now, we have the rest of the night to play
Fanning the flames of your “forbidden” fires


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