Wet Bliss


Just because I like it a little
Doesn’t mean this is some
Reality TV smut

Step up and take care of your
Foremost responsibilities
Honor, protect and treat me with
Equitable dignity

Throw me up against the wall
Press your body into mine
To prevent me from a fall
Shock me with your power line

Remember, this is an equal
To give and receive hedonism
In a formidable unity

Grab a fist full of long hair
Brutally assault my lips
In a hot demanding kiss
Leaving me gasping for air

Apply just enough pressure
With a hand around my throat
Make me look you in the eye
To show complete control

Force me down upon my knees
Sir, if you please,
I’ll do exactly as instructed
Bringing us both blissful destruction

Tell me what a good girl I’ve been
With that evil, smirk of a grin
Bend my…

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