Spanking Needs

Wet Bliss


Spankings satisfy mysterious needs, and serve as a punishment reminder

Pain cracked in love miraculously morphs into a unthinkable pleasure

Anchors me in the present, and under your unyielding hand I find my center

Nothing else matters, lost in your skillful touch the outside world falls away

Keep a rhythm that I can’t anticipate or flinch away, break through my resistance

Illicit responses beyond my control, which I entrust in you to unfold and regulate

Nicely color and warm my ass, so that I am fully sensitized to gentle movements swung in the air

Growing hope leaks from my folds and trickles down with every reverberating smack

Nudge thighs open wide to expose my effervescent, glistening sex

Explore the tranquility before letting loose the beast to enjoy the feast

Enrapture sweeps us up together in an all-consuming desire stimulating…

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