In The Clouds

Wet Bliss


Feel me and fill me, I plead
Please sate this resistless need
Feed libidinous addiction
Refill my daily prescription
Gather me up in your arms
Hold me safe from any harm
Resigned my body and mind
Suspended in physical time
Let this feeling flow both ways
Freely for as long as it stays
Rid me of troublesome thoughts
Tie me to a Saint Andrew’s cross
Together pushing the limits
Unleashing suppressed spirits
Released from the vile darkness
Revealing all of my secrets
Displaying every soft curve
Exposed collection of nerves
Cover me in hot, wet kisses
Devour something delicious
Fingertips lovingly trace my face
Gently easing me into space
Work for my sweet surrender
Everything will be rendered
Hold my head up in the clouds
Assuredly, I will make you proud

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