10 thoughts on “A goodbye 2015 present

      • Christmas Eve was 27 at last count. Only missing one Daughter and family, work needs and she wants to save vacation when she comes to US for delivery of my new Grandson in March/April. Keeps dual citizenship for all my biological Kids’ children. German/American
        After New Years weekend, will get back down to normal, just one house packed…………to the gills instead of two….
        I never complain when there’s so many, I just adjust my hearing aids. I’m babysitting for NYE so the Adults(of which I’m not one normally) can go out to party and enjoy ringing or singing in the New Year of 2016
        A good time was had by all. I regained lost weight from liquid diet, stuffed myself with real food that needed chewing, not sucking through a straw. Will resume healthy eating AFTER the New Year once leftovers disappear………………… Wishing you a wonderful New Years…………….)))))))))))))))))))


  1. Have a restful and healthy new year, George! Sucking your food through a straw can’t be much fun, but go easy on the roasts all the same. You can give yourself a big pat on the back that everyone is still on speaking terms! It’s touch and go here with just the seven of us 🙂

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    • Heck, we have disagreements abound, they all know that respect is forefront, even with Family members. I don’t enable or allow disrespect in public or private, even with grown kids. I raised them on the Bill Cosby attitude ” I brought you all in this world, I can take all of you out.” That’s one of the few hard fast rules in our Clan that’s held us together, love and respect. Just bc you’re siblings doesn’t mean you can be nasty or mean spirited. Love is supporting, not degrading or putting each other down. Humor is allowed, even with me, after all I am the biggest Klutz accident prone member, and that’s fair game………… 👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀


      • You must have something special though for them to fall in. With a family your size, the number of different opinions and personalities must make conflict easy. If it goes no further than cat-calling, you’ve got off lightly.

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      • The apology process was cruelly complicated and sacrificing their favorite books, music, games and special privileges cut down on the personal attacks at an early age. Now I just cut off their cell phones and data plans, gets their immediate attention………. No long discussions with Dad, I control their trusts when necessary, it only takes a text or email. My previous careers and employers garnered me many rebates and discounts, so they really got used to them, now as grownups, they are a lot more aware of the differences between costs and prices.
        When I still had a voice, they’d preferred being whipped instead of a discussion with Dad or Mom. Their friends thought they were a little off, but found out different why ours were 99% out of trouble.


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