The North Pole’s Secret by Zoey Hart #CinnamonTreats

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The North Pole’s Secret
You’ve heard the tales of
Rudolph and Frosty
Even Jolly Ol’ St. Nick,
But I’ll bet you don’t know
The North Pole’s secret
Of little Miss Cinnamon Stick
Building toys she does not
Trains and dolls bore her
Although she is very handy,
Won’t bake delicious treats
She’d much rather suck stripes
Off all the peppermint candy
She can melt the snowflakes
Right off your pointed toes
As she walks on by,
But in her private room
Be a naughty little elf
Lick the spices from her thigh
Except for Christmas Eve
She is at your service
Every night of the year,
Santa reserves this date
For the long sleigh ride
Filling her with all his Christmas cheer
So when you visit the North Pole
Ask for the best kept secret
And don’t hold back,
Trust the elves when they say
You’ve never seen Christmas magic

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