His Heart always can….

My Sword and Shield....

His fingers,  as He helps Her unzip
Her dress
Alone in this tiny dressing Room
He’ll turn his back while She
Recent ceremony says He doesn’t Have to
A habit, He’ll learn to change
His eyes can’t see Her
But His heart always can

Her Hair
He always loved how it felt against His face
being lost in Her embrace
The way it would get tangled in His stubble
A year from Now, He’ll come home and She
will have cut it as Short as His
The bottom of His heart will drop out
When She asks Him what He thinks
He’ll say She looks beautiful

Her Eyes
Always behind panes of Glass
Rubbing at them, red and watery
He’ll laugh and tell Her to stop trying
to wear the contacts, The Glasses are fine..
Years from now, He’ll learn to put microscopic
screws back into holes to…

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