The Dark Fey Trilogy

Just finished sample and had rest delivered to my new phone. Smart phones don’t last long with me, maybe I task them too much……… I look forward to reading the rest of 2nd part of Morgan’s Trilogy……..Yay, and sending some as perfect Christmas gifts……………….. Absolutely thrilling and well written, Morgan. Kudosssssssssssssssssssss ͡• ♥ ͜ 👄 ͜ ♥ ͡• ͡• ♥ ͜ 👄 ͜ ♥ •͡


Trilogy Plaque

Book one, Dark Fey: The Reviled began the journey, introducing us to the Mystical Realm of Jyndari, the home of the Fey of the Light, winged beings with extraordinary gifts and abilities who live harmoniously in a close knit community where art and music, scholarly devotion to the ancient texts, and faithful adherence to tradition are all sacred. In Jyndari we meet a young Fey of the Light, Ayla who was discovered at a very young age to have the especially rare combination of gifts: empathic telepathy as well as discernment and healing. She was dedicated to become a Guardian of Childfey and spent her entire young years in the seclusion of the Temple where she studied magic and the ancient rites; where she was taught about the mortal enemy of all Fey of the Light, The Reviled.

We also meet Gairynzvl, a Reviled Fey who comes in shadows and…

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