moments on the train

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

Come and sit next to me for a minute. I like the way you smell. It’s not heavy but it’s bold and it lingers inside me as the fragrance of fresh blooming jasmine at night.

Do you mind that I’m resting my hand on your thigh? My palm is open because I love how you feel. You don’t need to look around. No one cares what we’re doing.

Keep looking ahead though. I want to nibble on you just a little bit. Your neck is so warm to the touch. I can’t resist kissing your neck and loving that feeling of sucking on you… having you in my mouth. You make me so hungry. I closed my eyes and everyone else disappeared.

Um… Just so we’re clear, I have to tell you that I’m prone to forget social proprieties when you turn me on. Consider yourself warned but know that I’m…

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