20 thoughts on “HAPPY 😊 THANKSGIVING

      • That´s actually a pretty good new years resolution.
        People, their complicated and lately their bore me. I think I´m actually going to be the one that becomes a hermit, live with a bird hugging a tree…..

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      • NO recluse act for me, just going slow, my Carpal Tunnel is acting up along with gout, I began to think they’re related with the Itis family
        Arthur Itis
        Burs It is
        Tendon It is
        Gouty Arthur It is

        Thank goodness I have avoided

        Anus It is
        Penis It is

        I’d probably have to eat my Mossberg if both of them visited with the others……………………………..
        Can you imagine taking the cortisone shots for the last two????????????/ arggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg


      • Indeed, I keep rolling, a moving target is hard to take down or keep up with……………… Thank goodness, my Clan understands me along with my friends. And what strangers can do with their opinions, well, you know my thoughts on those people, just like ISIS and the like, they can pray Hell takes them before I get my chance. No way some Muslim or Russian clown is going to be doing target practice in a residential area without me making inquiries immediately. When I worked for the postal folks, I checked out all the employees social media presences. Not so much nosy as vigilant. I didn’t want to get any “Postal” surprises. Heck sometimes I’d check out customers that rubbed me wrong…………. Being lazy and politically correct can be a deadly mistake……


      • “Being lazy and politically correct can be a deadly mistake” You nailed that one.
        By the way I think your worse than the NSA, you probably next to the “swing” a whole elaborate system of high tech computers gathering mega-mega data.

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      • My definition of trust is a lot more complicated than that of most people, even President Reagan’s. I have a buddy who hosts a radio talk show in Mississippi. His motto is “Never Trust Anybody and You Won’t Be Disappointed or Betrayed.” He does have a point…………… I try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt just Like I used to do with my students. Everyone starts out at top value of 100, how fast and far it diminishes depends on their behavior, nothing else.
        I’m beginning to tell people I have full faith in politicians, I believe 100% will do whatever is good for them, not necessarily what’s good for me or the country. I’m not a cynic, I’m convinced they’re crooks, I just can’t prove enough to file charges yet…………..But I’m working on it, you can take that to the bank……………. Me having too much time on my hand is not in their favor, gives me more time to dig and snoop…………….


      • I bet, having a lot of time in the hands of certain people can be quite something.
        Trust… tricky word. But I have decided to give people a chance ( got to this point late by the way), but as you well said, if I see they try to cross me once. It´s over. As many apologies they´ll make to me, nope, you screwed up one of the most precious things in life that for me is trust. And I´ll introduce the military thing, you as a former Marine, you may not like the guy next to you very much, but you do trust him to do his job to back you up. And like in life, quite some times it went array which lead to some disputes( to put it mildly). Hard to trust, but I decided to at least give it one chance.

        And please George, do a Obama-gate. Get that guy out of the most important house in the world, since he´s leaving the world in a piece of s..t and dangerous by his innactions and also actions. Start the plotting

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      • I understand the trust issues, military and civilians have differing views, unless they were former military, indeed. On the Ogate, I’ve been trying, but it seems that unless your bankroll outsizes those that love this style of governing, you’re in for a long haul trek without guaranteed outcomes. Those who have become economically enslaved by the liberals and their like keeping voting them in out of fear of losing their Free Rides. Entitlements government enslaves so many that they don’t even realize they are dooming their future generations to low wages and high imprisonments. Choosing to remain dependent and ignorant will be the death of this republic. People are so selfish and without conscience when it comes to Entitlements and Freebies, they don’t care that there’s not going to be enough people working and paying taxes to support the US population in the very near future, they think the Govt can print and print money to keep paying them. Sadly the Govt will cutoff military before Entitleds, bc most military veterans are conservatives and Patriots, educated and loyal. We have to take over all three branches to save our Republic and I’m not sure enough brave people will stand up before it’s too late…………… Have you ever watched the original Manchurian Candidate? Not the Denzell version, but the original. Denzell’s was good, but the original story line was more relevant to today, not just a military coverup……………..


      • Unfortunately for you guys the socialism has come and hit you like a ton of bricks. What you have described is exactly what has been going on in Spain since years and years. And here we are all, getting crummy jobs, not declaring to the IRS, the system is corrupt, the freebies fly like wild birds, people get use to that and expect it, they feel is really the obligation of the government to take care of them. And like in an individual persons life, if you are dependent on people it normally doesn´t turn out too well in the long run.
        Have seen the Denzell version not the original.

        But I do have faith in the U.S public, certainly much more than the Spanish one. I still believe that a great majority or maybe a slim majority doesn´t want socialism, and I´m not throwing that word lightly, I just look at the policies of Obama and the liberals and they´re exactly the same as the Socialist Party here in Spain. But I still believe that you guys still have that independent get the government out of my back spirit. And I do believe a Republican will win the elections, I can bet you on that.

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      • That is my hope, also, Charly. I am working behind the scenes as much as possible to ensure people know the truth about the Clintons and their like………….. And buying lots of hearing aid batteries, too…………. for those that can’t hear clearly…………………. I’ve lived around the world, socialism and communism kills independence and builds alcoholics, drug addicts and suicidal maniacs. None of socialism or fascism or communism gives anything positive to the world, only the leaders who control such regimes and their buddies……………..


      • Completely agree, plus I still don´t know how people can vote for princess Hillary after it is so obvious not only that she lied about the Benghazi, the Clinton foundation getting donations from people that she had met as Secretary of State, the FBI is investigating her private email server, doing official business in a private email server that to me says it all. She should actually be indicted, let a jury decide. But with the top dog, Mrs. Lynch as AG, the rig is on.
        But how people can vote for such a shady character….if they vote for her and she wins, then they disserve what they get.

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