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Petals Unfolding ... Finding ME

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It seems just yesterday
that truly I was in Bliss
walking this forest
drinking in deeply
 the majestic colors.
And just the other day
I again walked
this great forest
and none but bare
did I but see.

Photography/ “Yesterday” 2015©AmyRose

[Photo taken with Canon 50D.]

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4 thoughts on “Yesterday

    • I’m a tough old bird most days, but yesterday rocked me a little off center. Today is a bit better, but still a little numb. Girlies taking it hard, but not saying much today. They feel everything we feel, just not sure how to express themselves fully yet. Heck they’re mature, but still only 3. I’m older and I’m not sure what I should express. At least being Mute, I don’t blubber much. not stutter and stammer. Sometimes too much at a time wears me out and brings out my impatient streak full on.
      TY, dear Amy, we’ll be fine, just time will tell.

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      • I’m not sure what is going on, George. I don’t know if I have missed posts what with all I have been dealing with in my own life, or if you just haven’t said anything. The last time I heard you had a “bug” that the kiddies had and your sister wanted you to go to the hospital. Then I got involved with the incredible stress with my mother being told she had 2-6 months to live and hanging on for dear life when she chose a very invasive and massive surgery, which turned out to 2 surgeries. She is 81. I know as I write this I told you this already. Sorry, George. The good news is, she is home and recovering, determined to get as strong and as well as she possibly can. That woman is absolutely amazing!!! ❤

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