Our Discourse ~ A duet

(͡• 🔥 ͜ʖ 🔥 ͡•) ლ(🔥\◡👅◡/🔥)ლ

Wet Bliss

Written by: Day Dream Writer (Bold) & WetBliss (Italics)

Sir, I need you now
will you come to me and share
your strength, safety and control
Yes pet, what you crave
I shall rein within your soul
an indulgence to endure
If I push away
to elude tears threatening
will you let me run and hide
I will not allow
tears to run and hide away
trust my hand, endure the pain
I’m far from perfect
will you embrace all my flaws
and catch me before I fall
Within my domain
devotion will dismiss doubt
as lust entwines confidence
I have forgotten
the feeling and how to love
will you teach me how with trust
Memories you lust
beneath pain and peril eyes 
pleasures from a seasoned cuff
I’m vulnerable
emotions fully exposed
holding position to please

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