I Question This – A Remix

Wet Bliss


I choose to ignore that inner voice
that’s telling me you’re a bad choice
yet I’m selfish and it makes me feel bad
cause you’re not the man I planned to have


Always question this
though it’s nobody’s business
infidelity, you remain on my A list


Even if that makes me a mistress
I’ll travel the world according to your atlas
while he’s oblivious of my stained canvas
with your colors seeping through consciousness


It boldly strokes between wanting hips
feeling real passion spilling from sealed lips
gripping you tight knowing that you’re hers
wishing there were no questions to blur


Cover my face cause it’s wrong to accept what is
only we can’t seem to answer the questions of this
hanging over our heads in a guilty state of bliss
charged by passionate affairs of each wet kiss

Inspired by: https://linorobles.wordpress.com/2015/11/05/i-question-this/

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