Cruel and Hard Truths.

Forgiveness changes us all, some more than others, dear Friend. Understanding builds compassion, and changes hearts thank goodness. Else we’d all be more messed up than imaginable. Like my old Drill Instructor, if it wasn’t for forgiveness, we’d all be FUBAR with this SNAFU lives of ours.
Have a blessed day and weekend. 👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

Americana Injustica

Life is cruel in this way; I know…we each play the worst of mind games with ourselves throughout its course of time with us; we each self-fulfill handfuls of silent prophesies made; we each destroy what we love and strive hard to perfect. We each suffer the toxic illness known as The Self; and, we each inevitably become something that we never wanted to be. We each take it all for granted, every last bit of it…and we each remain blind to the ways in which The Self evolves the victim into the victimizer in order to survive another year here.
We pretend that the ways we “grow” to become better with age aren’t full-blown warped to the core: better hunters, gatherers, collectors, owners, and so on… we pretend that Life and its tragedies do not mar us; that these things don’t mold us into creatures much like everyone else…

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