and after this, I want a surprise dessert (I’m hungry part 2)

D i a r y I n c a r n a t e

I see what hurts my eyes

and what confuses my mind while burning me at my core

that core where you belong

I see your manly hand grabbing what I want to eat

what I want my senses to be to engorged  with

as I lavish your cock with every possible touch of my tongue that I can possibly think of

I see it right in front of me and all I know is that if I taste you just right,

I’ll see you lose control of your mind

I see you standing rigid above me – mind directed as you erase me

sliding your gorgeous self up and down my slit

taunting my pussy like a bastard

only allowing my lips to feel you slipping away

I see the gleam in your eye as you watch me

balancing on the precipice of a scream

making me a rabid prisoner

as you…

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