good morning


drink me like a warm cup of your favorite fragrant tea

with the warm scent of my bouquet wafting upwards

in the still air of the morning as you lower towards me

closing your beautiful eyes to heighten your other senses

with the secret smile of pleasure curving your sensual mouth

and throaty sigh of contentment will come from my lips not yours

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the mother hood

so true


motherhood. it’s like playing a 20 year game of capture the flag on a mine field that opposing sides are using as a paintball battleground. you never know when you’ll get ambushed, blindsided, hit from all sides or step on a massive explosion that takes your feet out from under you, leaving you flat on your back wondering how the hell your well planned life has turned into a nightmare you created yourself and can’t explain to anyone but every other mother knows it in that look of battle fatigue behind their glazed and puffy eyes.

now while this war is raging all day and all night, try showering, making dinner, cleaning the house, instilling values and providing life coaching, helping with homework, creating family memories, arranging vaccinations and dental appointments, and making sure you have no baby vomit or feces in your hair by the time your husband gets…

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Parenting through Aspergers and Encopresis


Aspergers is a diagnosis that, like anything else, exists on a bell curve of symptoms and severity. It rarely exists as a solo diagnosis and oftentimes has multiple issues overlapping, which leaves parents, siblings and caregivers at a loss for what to do when faced with challenges.

What is ‘normal’ behaviour for a teenager, may be exasperated by what is ‘normal’ behaviour for a person with Aspergers. The line is not clear and neither are the parenting strategies because it can become impossible to differentiate between the autism and the actions of a normally misbehaving teenager testing boundaries.

There will be as many suggestions as there are families. What works for one will be abhorrent to another. What works perfectly well for years may stop working entirely with a suddenness that leaves parents scrambling for advice. When you have a child with multiple exceptionalities, you are faced with constant stress…

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Jennifer Calvert Author

Incredible photo Courtesy of Incredible photo Courtesy of World Of

As nightfall settles across the lily scented banks,
Over the deb and flow of the tides,
Of silver skies and sapphire heavens,
In sweet crying shadow,
Her veil slips,
Revealing skin of lily cream, and lips of lavender dreams,
In dawn and dusk,
She basks in the glow of the moon and the sun,
Her eyes of silver stardust,
Like a star of mystical love, she holds my heart.

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It’d be a shame to sit in the Confessional booth with nothing to say…………………

Siren Whispers


He wouldn’t lie

He loved the thought of her in church

The priest delivering a fire and brimstone sermon

As she thought of him

Replaying the words he had given her

His instructions

A blush stealing across her features

As her imagination ran wild

And her arousal began to build

Yes, he delighted in imagining her

Kneeling in church

Head bowed

Hands clasped together


And knickerless…

Photograph taken from Google Images

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Eve in the Garden

No wonder Adam fell

Siren Whispers


She is temptation

Eve in the Garden

Though innocent in thought

She incites less than godly thoughts

From him

She extends the apple

Not realizing its potency

Its impact upon his resolve

He’s unable to resist

For though she has spoken not a word

The voice in his head is whispering

Come with me

Into my wicked garden

I have more than apples

To share with you…

Photograph taken from WhiteNoten

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Outlawed Desire

Siren Whispers


It burns

This outlawed desire

A searing ache

That our renegade hearts


The longing to kiss, to touch

To share skin and breath

To talk, to laugh, to smile

To get lost in each other

Forbidden choices

That we fight

Knowing it’s pointless

To resist

A connection blowing hot in the coldest wind

Souls forged in the same fire

Cleaving to each other

Out of dark necessity

Photograph taken from Pinterest

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Grave Choice


Since Halloween is coming….


Weariness overcame me. Darkness spiraled up from the pit of my stomach, engulfing me, pulling me under, surrounding me. I struggled against it, trying to breath in the suffocating murk, but, like a hypnotic spell, I could not resist the tugging blackness encroaching on my thoughts. Sleep leapt upon me, like a tigress with claws bared, sinking them into my flesh, penetrating deeply, inescapable.

Quiet. Blackness. Sinking. Strange sensations scathed over me. Heaviness. Lightness. Breaking through. Crashing in. Calm tranquility mixed with ethereal panic that left me searching the dimness frantically, but for what I did not know. Light? Breath? Heartbeat?

All was silent. All was Dim.

Fear crashed in on me; a thousand boulders tumbling on my body from out of the dingy night sticking to me, pounding over me without mercy and without ceasing, yet I did not fall. There was no pain, only…

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Deep Perception

👀 ♥ * ͜ * ♥ 👀

A Momma's View

This is a pretty fun quiz to take. Let me know how you did and thanks to The Playground for sharing this. I would have missed out on it otherwise. Go ahead and try it as well. Here’s the link to the quiz.

And here’s my result:

Deep Perception:
You have deep perception! In most of the pictures, you noticed the deeper., hidden image. This reveals that you’re a creative thinker who notices details that others easily pass over. You’re intuitive and easily see people for who they are, behind whatever mask they may be wearing. You generally read emotions and faces with ease and you most likely have some kind of artistic or musical talent. You often express unique ideas that shock or impress others, which may have caused you to feel somewhat misunderstood as a child. You’re a true artist at heart with great healing potential. Have you…

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