Parenting through Aspergers and Encopresis


Aspergers is a diagnosis that, like anything else, exists on a bell curve of symptoms and severity. It rarely exists as a solo diagnosis and oftentimes has multiple issues overlapping, which leaves parents, siblings and caregivers at a loss for what to do when faced with challenges.

What is ‘normal’ behaviour for a teenager, may be exasperated by what is ‘normal’ behaviour for a person with Aspergers. The line is not clear and neither are the parenting strategies because it can become impossible to differentiate between the autism and the actions of a normally misbehaving teenager testing boundaries.

There will be as many suggestions as there are families. What works for one will be abhorrent to another. What works perfectly well for years may stop working entirely with a suddenness that leaves parents scrambling for advice. When you have a child with multiple exceptionalities, you are faced with constant stress…

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