Deep Perception

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A Momma's View

This is a pretty fun quiz to take. Let me know how you did and thanks to The Playground for sharing this. I would have missed out on it otherwise. Go ahead and try it as well. Here’s the link to the quiz.

And here’s my result:

Deep Perception:
You have deep perception! In most of the pictures, you noticed the deeper., hidden image. This reveals that you’re a creative thinker who notices details that others easily pass over. You’re intuitive and easily see people for who they are, behind whatever mask they may be wearing. You generally read emotions and faces with ease and you most likely have some kind of artistic or musical talent. You often express unique ideas that shock or impress others, which may have caused you to feel somewhat misunderstood as a child. You’re a true artist at heart with great healing potential. Have you…

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