The rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, update from George in my best mute Samuel Clemmons impersonation.

I used to make fun of people who disliked going to the Dentist. I now must beg forgiveness from all those poor souls. Their fears and pain were nothing to ridicule and after the last visit, I fully understand them soooooooooooooooooooooo much better now. I am not blaming my Dentist, he did the best he could with what he had to work with in his defense.

In the past, I have surprised Dentists when I refused Novacaine for simple cleaning or surface fillings. I found that my system could deal better with pain than an upset stomach and digestive system. Plus my tongue hates the taste that is glued in my mouth around for hours and days afterwards, and avoiding the swollen jaws and tender gums. I should have known something was up when he started a root canal and I heard my jaws pop and I felt the electricity surge through the metal plate in my forehead. I think my brains cells were vastly reduced in that moment. When you’re younger, it’s not so tragic to lose half your brain cells, after all, you have an abundance of them that are mostly unused, indeed.

But when you have so few that work properly at my age, half is very SIGNIFICANT

I  THINK!!!!!!!!

By the end of that visit, my mouth was sore, my relocated jaws ached, I had one less tooth, one additional root canal and suddenly I thought I could hear my own voice crying out. My chaperone and chauffeur, whom I called affectionately RED 2, laughed at the odd look on my face. She said it was probably just the ghost of my voice talking for my pocketbook and bank account. To be honest, it wasn’t just a visit for me, it was the Clan day at the dentist, apparently it was easier for him to block out the whole morning for check ups, cleanings and other possible work as needed. Everyone else got a clean bill of health, except me, GO FIGURE!!

I think it’s just time for him to write another college tuition check for his oldest Daughter, just my opinion.

I get to wear a mask that holds my jaws in place for the next 3-4 weeks. I get to have a liquid diet, sadly Dr has said, no alcohol, so the stock in Jack Daniels has taken an unexpected drop in the market, while Ensure&Gerber baby food stocks have soared. My Nieces and Grands think it’s funny, and I’m learning it’s easier to just grin and bear it rather than try to have anyone else explain how uncomfortable having your jaws immobilized 90% of the day. In the long run, I guess it beats having them wired shut.

Long answers and typing a lot at one sitting isn’t as comfortable or easy when you can at least mouth your thoughts. thankfully RED 1& 2 can read my writing and help me type up things like this so I can just copy and paste it into place without taking forever.

Heck, my mind doesn’t have a screen saver when I get irritated and lose my train of thought.

Hey, getting old, after all, beats the heck out of the alternative, doesn’t it?

Not to worry, I’m expected to get back up to my old wisecracking, hopefully not jawbreaking, self in the near future. Dr says he has to keep me a little chilled so I don’t clamp down on my teeth or jaws and complicate the healing process. I told him I’d rather have Jack Daniels than Hydrocodone any day. Apparently, he doesn’t own any stock in Jack Daniels, dang his soul.

I know I won’t get caught up anytime soon, if ever, but know I read as much as I can when I’m alert, even if don’t comment as much as normal. Since they took the reblog button away from Reader, it’s such a real pain, but hey, I’ll do my best.

Wishing you all a wonderful day and rest of week.

I’m hanging in there, so you guys do the same.

Nothing can keep ol’ George down for long, at least I dang sure hope so.

So no worries, dear Friends, I’m doing good, just not active as I wish.

Dry erase boards aren’t ideal for long scripts, but beats not posting at all.

9 thoughts on “The rumours of my demise have been greatly exaggerated, update from George in my best mute Samuel Clemmons impersonation.

  1. GEORGE!!! How could you even think of having a root canal without anesthetic? OH! My stomach is rolling just thinking about it. Will your hard head ever realize you are NOT as tough as you want everything to think you are? There is NOTHING worse then nerve pain! Oh my friend, you are in my prayers!!! Love, Amy ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m taking it slow and easy, despite my impatience acting up more and more. I’ve decided against my better judgment to listen to ALL the Dr’s Advice.
      Reminds me of an old Star Trek clip when you could hear a Borg say in a deadpan flat voice, “Resistance is Futile.”
      So for the time being, I’m being a good member of the “Collective.” well, somewhat, I guess.
      When I look across the world at the pain, suffering and turmoil coming from wars waged to create chaos and fear by those who proclaim to be “rescuers,” my little incident pales in comparison, indeed.
      Still doesn’t mean I’m not a happy or well camper, but thankfully I was already mute or I’d be about 3/4s crazy as a loon by now after not talking or opening my mouth for any extended periods. My Clan is watching over me, actually hovering most of the time, but it’s OK, they mean well and I can’t & shouldn’t complain at all. Soon I’ll be patient enough to fix my laptop instead of making it worse than it was.
      may have to just break down and actually buy the first one in years instead of fixing up hand me downs from my Kids. That’ll be new.
      Have a great day. Thanks for your concern and kind thoughts.

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