Even The Word Exhaustipated Dont Cover it!!!!

But I Smile Anyway...

images30DT3VDCSeriously…. this word, which I loved, doesn’t even cover half of the exhaustion I am feeling right now!

A week with my new babies, and a crazy busy weekend meant I started the week, on Monday, not as fresh as I would have liked.  But Monday night, I was ready to drop at 9pm, and when I got in to school the next day, all three of my colleagues were the same! Was there a gas leak in the room? A virus going round?

Possibly, but the most likely culprit? The weekend itself!  Most parents, and people in general forget what a weekend can do to a child! At 3 or 4, those two days are like a life time, and last week, Nursery was a novelty, but Monday loomed, and there was bedlam with a few children who suddenly realised they had to come to school! (Or Nursery!)


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