Sincerity: The Genuine Article

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Genuine Article

The word, “sincerity”: we use this word and its derivatives a lot in our daily language, don’t we?  “I sincerely mean it”; or, when closing a letter we often write, “Sincerely”.  It’s almost as if we feel the need to prove our honesty or truth with regard to what we are saying to others.

I have a little ‘game’ I play when I see a photograph (or in person) of someone smiling.  If you take a really good look at their eyes, nine times out of ten you can actually ‘see’ if their smile is sincere or simply forced (or fake).  When I began to notice this phenomenon, it took me by surprise.  By all accounts we take it for granted that when someone is smiling, they are happy, or at the very least, genuine in how they feel at that moment.  Sometimes the eyes so blatantly speak of insincerity…

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