Being a stay home mom is not Sexy?

How open and honest you are, Milady.. Stereotypical SAHMs do not exist except in the prejudice of simple minded subhumans. Every woman needs to make the best choice for herself, whether to stay at home, go to school, enter a specific field of employment. My late wife chose to be home with our children, sometimes the children of other military and government employees until our Clan outgrew the maximum occupancy of our house/apartment and at one time two apartments on the third floor of a housing unit. Like every person, each person makes their choices for a variety and combination of reasons that they shouldn’t have to justify or defend to ANYONE.
Who the heck said women shouldn’t have curves, whether they are SAHMs or not?
Silly Wabbits, indeed.
When will people grow up and realize that most of the time, the outer shell is not half as important as the inner heart and soul of a prospective partner. Heck if you needed looks for the perfect partnership, I’d still be single, and they’d be no Parker Clan or Georgeforfun blog or Twitter or Tumblr accounts.

(Shhhhhhhhhhhhhh, I heard that, “Wouldn’t that be nice?” from the audience in the Peanut gallery.

Remember, people I’m mute, not deafffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff.

9 thoughts on “Being a stay home mom is not Sexy?

    • Sometimes I ignore obvious errors and soak up the intent of the writer. I also understand misspellings and typos, and the Englisch language had more exceptions than rules when I first learned it as a 3rd language coming from Europe as a 3 year old and going to school in rural Southern US. What a culture shock for them and me, and being a runt with a German “Nazi” accent in Germany shortly after end of WWII, what tales I could tell. I still make mistakes, use wrong words and typos, don’t get me started on my goofs. thankfully I write for a hobby called Therapy, instead of being a real writer. If the world would look for positives instead of negatives, life wouldn’t need Pissyaters or Pissyologists (my Grans favorite words for Psychiatrists and Psychologists—–German/Dutch)

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      • Yes I’m not the best speller either, but if in a post I was calling mums who stay home dumb, I’d ensure my spelling was correct! ☺️ So you moved from Germany to the U.S. As a child? How interesting and yes I bet it was a culture shock for a young boy!

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      • Dad was American, indeed culture shock when I left being only around the family circle out in rural parts to jump into school, YES. Not sure who was more shocked, me or the Rednecks I grew up with along the way. Dad went back when I was a teenager and I was sent to boarding school bc where he was assigned, there was no High school to attend and he didn’t want me in a German school when he was so often travelling for his assignment. He made sure I was independent early, made it easier when I took over as head of family at 17 for 5 Sisters with #6 on the way. I’ve been a Dad for 48 years, still haven’t got it right yet))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))


      • Oh yes that would have been a shock! So was your dad in the army? Wow that must of been hard for you to become ‘dad’ so young, but wonderful at the same time. Ha do we ever get parenting ‘right,’ I think it’s always a learning experience. As long as there is love, I think we do just fine!!

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      • Dad was originally in the Army/Air Force before the Air Force was established as a stand alone service component. Then he stayed until retirement which returned him to his home states of AL and MS. He wanted me to know my culture from both sides, no matter what the rest of his family thought. He wasn’t flawless, but he loved his children unconditionally and always thought about our futures. He put me to work at 10 years old full time on a cousin’s hog farm. By the time I got my DL at 15, I’d Already been driving for 9+ years, mostly standing up so I could reach the pedals )))))))))))))))) Indeed, Love is the glue that binds people together if we let it. Focus on the good more than alternatives, focus on others more than selves, but never forget, we can’t change others, we can just be there and help, not judge. with LOVE and COMPASSION.

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      • Sounds like you had an interesting life!! πŸ˜€ and it has made you a strong independent person! I grew up in a big family too, I have four older brothers and lots of nieces and nephews! Yes I came to realise that, after a long time of chasing and trying with people who gave nothing back! I’m not one to hold
        A grudge or anything, so I’ll always be there for them if needed!!

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