Ashley Madison & The Ripple Effect

I’m also guilty of first judging the account holders of AM without a thought of unintended consequences. Does that make me evil? No, it makes me human, but also guilty of being less than compassionate and understanding with the offenders than I am with others that I know and love. That doesn’t make me a better person, which I should be as I try to set an example for my Kids and Grands. This post reminds me that there are many innocent people out there whose lives will be irretrievably altered forever due to the temptation presented by a “cheaters’ website.” And I live in a so-called “civilized country” which dehumanizes peoples’ failings for the sake of humor and Schadenfreude. Am I any better than AM just in a different section of “accepted behavior” in Civilization?

Nicole Lyons


Here we are just a few days since the hackers calling themselves The Impact Team unleashed a shit storm by dumping the personal information of millions of Ashley Madison account holders onto the Dark Web, and what do we have to show for all of it so far? Well we have two related, yet at the time of publication, still unconfirmed suicides in Canada. The suicide of a Texas police chief, extortion and blackmail cases, hate crimes being committed against gay men, and a reward of $500K to whomever catches the ones responsible for the hack.

I’m the first to admit that when the dump happened I posted a status that said, ‘Holy shit! It’s a good day to be a divorce lawyer’ but then reality set in and after sharing a few jokes with friends about our own experiences on different sites I posted, ‘This is really really bad. I…

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