fairy tale.

the sacred road


i used to believe in fairy tales
filled with mythical dragons
and the magic of long forgotten dreams.
a place where fortune favors
as evil falters
under the grace of my savior’s whims.

but fate set forth
to guide my footsteps,
as each battle became mine alone.
no longer did i search the landscape
for the shiny prince
that would never come.

the fortress of my prison
was a tower forged
in the fire of my frightened soul
where freedom comes from calming
the demons
i’ve gotten far to well to know.

shadows soon become a beacon
for the glimmer of falsity
now so very glaring in the light
as happy endings are the dangerous path
that lead us absently
into the hunger of the waiting night.

there is beauty in the frailty
of being shattered
only to be remade un-whole;
with the knowledge you rose from the ashes

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