Back Scrubber

In So Many Words

The following poem is a three-way collaboration between myself and two exceedingly talented poets.

I am honored to present Wet Bliss, author of the self titled erotic blog with mature content for 18+ adults only.

And the very talented Ax, author of Perso~in~Poesia, a blog where he shares the thoughts exploding in his head.



“Back Scrubber”

by: OAPlascencia, WetBliss, Ax


Two feet,
deep in the water, stand.
A head full of suds,
but not a helping hand.
One cock,
soaking in the water.
Limp little twitches
wishing it was hotter.
A thought,
rising up with the steam,
a shadow appears,
out of thin air, a dream!

Four feet,
deep in the water, stand.
Two grins are exposed:
desire’s fires fanned.
Deux cocks,
swell, no hesitation.
Wash each other’s backs
sponging with flirtation.
Dual thoughts,
fill the tub to the brim,
as two scrub and tug,

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