Digital Portrait #2 – When Nature Meets Humans



Launching“WHEN NATURE MEET HUMANS”Digital Portraits #2 –

Portrait #2 Portrait #2 – Souls

Today I am showcasing my new and second Portrait, this creation is part of my new Digital Portraits Collection named “When Nature Meets Humans” and this is Portrait #2 – Souls

I also made a new gallery named Digital Portraits where I will post all the Portraits for this unique Collection.

Thank you to all of you that commented to my last post. I really love to know your opinions which I value immensely, it means a lot to me, I am very happy that you like my Concept for this new idea I am launching here.
At this moment I am really  inspired creating this Collection of Artistic and one of a kind Digital Portraits, this portrait it is the #2. Last time creating Portrait #1  I used photos found on internet on…

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13 thoughts on “Digital Portrait #2 – When Nature Meets Humans

  1. Hi thank you so much for Reblog my post and my Digital Portrait! I really appreciate it and I am very happy that you enjoy my Art! I am going to follow your nice blog it would be great if you follow back so that you can see my new work as it comes! 🙂


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