Musings From Under The Beret (18+ Only NSFW)

This is the prologue of my forthcoming erotic horror novel, Promethean. I hope you enjoy it…

He crouched in the dense undergrowth, hidden from prying eyes, watching… waiting… hunting.
His acute hearing picked up the sound of a group of revellers out for the night, his sensitive nose twitching as the smell of beer and sweat and stale urine washed over him.
He growled deep in his throat as they passed, the guttural sound lost in their shouts and cries of drunken bravado.
His mind filled with images of screaming and torn bodies; he shook his head to clear them and let the men go.
He waited…
His ears pricked as a new sound came. Another group… Their voices higher, lighter…
A long thread of drool distended from his vicious maw, pooling between his claws…
Tonight he would feed.
A playful breeze lifted their short skirts…

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