A Good Girl

Chimera Poetry

I am a good girl.
I see my dentist twice a year and always look both ways before crossing the street,
and always use a napkin
and say please and thank you
and everyone says how good,
you are so good.
A very good girl they pat me on the head with words and nodding chins…
Sometimes I smile prettily and whirl away on my bicycle
or pop bubbles in  the air.
Sometimes I get bored of being good.
Sometimes I stand motionless in the backyard with the nice toys
and watch the moon all golden
until it starts to drip and I know that it is poison
it is drugs
and drugs are bad, bad, very bad for you
but I want to lick the droplets hanging from the branches 
in the trees all shadowbound
and glaring
like prisoners in wooden cages a long time ago.
There are eyes…

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