Odyssey Cruising – Part 1

The Chicago Files


The Odyssey Cruise adventure day was finally here, and I absolutely could not wait to board the ship!  I had the, ‘champagne bubbles’ feeling in my stomach:  excitement, curiosity, anticipation, and pure delight of what awaited us aboard the Odyssey.

As we made our way up the ship’s plank to begin our two-hour lunch cruise, we were greeted by several members of the crew, all with smiles and enthusiasm.  I liked that, as it set the positive tone for the entire journey.  This crew goes out of its way to make each passenger feel special!

The above photo is a view of Navy Pier from the ship; the Odyssey completes a 180 degree turn before heading out to Lake Michigan, so it was a terrific opportunity to capture ‘The Pier’ and some of the Chicago skyline behind it.  As you can see, it was a rather overcast, hazy kind of…

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