Yeesh, Man

Ephemera Etc.

When I first moved to Seattle, one of the things I was most excited about doing was taking the bus.

I know.

Only a lunatic or a masochist would be excited about taking the bus, right? Totally. Unless, of course, you’re from a city where the bus service is unreliable to non-existent and carries risks such as mugging and (as 15-Year-Old Me can attest) getting vomited on. And I am from a city like that, so I was excited to take the bus in a place where the buses show up on time, the drivers are helpful, and the passengers are quiet and polite (and, for the most part, not vomiting, although you are running a risk when sitting in the back near the sleepy-but-unpredictable junkies).

Although it can sometimes be a pain to factor in an hour to get to a neighborhood that is only 20 minutes away by…

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