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Chicago Architecture

Oh the gems seen through the windows of an elevated train!  Today as my train meandered its way between buildings in downtown Chicago, it stopped prior to the next station.  This provided me with a moment to observe what was beside me in a static mode, as opposed to what I normally see as something passed by in seconds.

This wonderful architecture is part of the very intricate decor of the Harold Washington Library.  Note the corn crown and detailing placed upon quite an intense face.  Here’s another perspective:

Chicago Architecture 2

This is, “Ceres”, the Roman goddess of agriculture, and crops.

I’m quite glad my train was waiting for, ‘signal clearance’ to pull into the next station.  It reminded me how much we miss when we sit idle with electronics permeating our attention, as opposed to the space around us.

Do you find yourself discounting your surroundings in favor of your phone?

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