Just in case you missed it, JICYMI, ha New and old followers update, Information

Every now and then I feel I have to just say thank you to all the people I follow for sharing yourselves out here in the wonderful world of WP and other social media sites that we share together and sometimes separately.

If I like and reblog your posts, it’s because I LIKE what you post and think others will like it also. Please do not feel obligated to follow me or even read my posts (most of which are reblogs of others). You are also not obligated to follow me and try to keep up with all my rebloggings. You will notice that I follow and enjoy a wide variety of bloggers, writers, artists, photographers, and etc.  You also don’t have to share my unique and particular tastes or opinions on anything in life, but I want you to feel free to follow or not. You don’t have to like what I reblog or like personally and you don’t have to subject yourself to my tastes if that’s not your thing.

You have a choice, don’t feel pressured into being uncomfortable, OK.

Just because I follow you doesn’t mean you have to follow me, it’s OK, REALLY.

Feel free to interact with me, I’m not an Ogre or Angel, somewhere in between I guess. And if my humor sometimes is dry or offensive, just speak up, after all, I can’t read minds, I’m just human with a touch of Empath built in that keeps voices going in my head. Becoming a mute late in life, I guess it’s better to have ANY voice in my head sometimes, as long as it doesn’t expect a real reply. ))))))

Following me or not following me is your choice, so feel free to do so or not do so. It won’t affect my decision to follow you or anyone you follow or don’t. Just remember if you do follow, you might be subjected to my weird sense of humore and take on life that I’ve developed over the last 65 years. I probably won’t change much more before I go, so what you see is what you get.

So if you do decide to follow, buckle up, it might get a little bumpy here and there along the way.

this is my opt-out PSA in case you were wondering

If you don’t follow me or even if you do and you wish to interact, you can also email me at georgeparker1950@hotmail.com or

find me on Twitter @georgeforfun or

Tumblr, https://www.tumblr.com/blog/pleaseandfulfill

Oh and if you have trouble with Trolls, let me know

I “like” Trolls

mostly with my cereal at breakfast ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

<3(๑̀ ͜ʖ๑́)<3     ᕙ(✿▿✿)ᕗ

any questions or concerns, just ask

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