Herald of His coming #5…..The Millennium Part 11


Photo credit: http://www.fanpop.com/clubs/horses/images/22410557/title/beautiful-horse-wallpaper

Let us continue with the adventure of the Horsemen of Apocalypse:
“Look closely,” boomed the voice of the King of the Castle!
“Look closely into the souls of those you call immature in the Realm! You will find those who can yet be saved and those who are not useful for the New Reign!
You will find those souls languishing in indolence! A great multitude who prefer doctrines and dogmas to My simple straightforward Laws, who bask in the broad and easy path to the Light built by their churches, temples and mosques while their souls have long fallen asleep; a sleep that now spells their doom in that it has become The Sleep of Death!
Remember the word “Indolence is non-compliance.” and be guided accordingly as you cleanse the Realm, you Horsemen of My Holy Judgment!
Look closely and you will again find the lukewarm! The…

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