The moment shakes my breath
Unsteady and uneven streams
Of exhales and inhales flow
As the moon throws shadows
Playing hide and seek on walls
Protecting me from beliefs
That existed on the other side
Of these satin white sheets

Ideas meant to shape me
Plotting to steal my identity
Don’t tell me I am not beautiful
Don’t tell me I need to be better
Don’t tell me I am broken
Or that I need to be fixed
Don’t tell me, just don’t
That I am not enough

Because somewhere…
Someone will fight for me
Someone will show me
I am most definitely enough
And I will realize it wasn’t me
But your perception
That made me…

Not enough

And I will find myself held
Inside arms of protection
Next to someone who will
Kiss away every single fret
And we will both feel whole
With the not enoughs

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