“But there’s nothing to grasp, so I let go”…

Eye Will Not Cry

Please welcome Jennifer as tonight’s guest poet!

Jennifer decided to write the other side of the story to this recent poem of mine :

You can read more of her work here:

If you fancy being a guest poet – send your words to eyewillnotcry@hotmail.co.uk



Secrets out

How so nice it was, when we first met
So charming I presumed
Your eyes; how they got me forever in debt
Your body seduced me and my mind did you the same
But oh, how we put side the games we both played

You held me, you kissed me
Told me things will turn out just right
How amused I was, when I saw the darkness through the light

When together, the time felt like it had stopped
But the clock was still ticking
Like a witch and her warlock
Non-stop battles between spells and tricking

Now I can’t…

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