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transparent woman

Rivers of veins
mark paths on
my hands and legs.
I’m becoming transparent
in more ways than one.

Soon you will see
through me completely.
No more mask do I wear
anymore. There’s just me
lit by the Light
that glows within
transparent to all
who see.

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Self Preservation

Mocking Bird Down


Tie me to a post,
and set me on fire.
I am worn with being
told I find it easy
to walk away from
people, places and things.
I am heart sore that
you know me so little
to think that I do
any leaving behind
with flippant ease.
It is not about you,
as hard as that may
be to believe.
My exit strategy has
always been about me.
Self preservation.
I will not come second.
And to you I was never first.
You are hungry for play
and validation in ‘social’
things. An insatiable thirst
to have things on your terms.
Perhaps the other doe
eyed women who love you
will wait and wait and wait.
Cling to hope? I am not them.
You broke me in half once.
And then once again.
Why would I let you do it again?
Because you are lonely?
Because you are…

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Don’t Fall

Mocking Bird Down


Look at me, in a way
that makes me feel
like you have ripped
out my secrets and stored
the bloody
pieces in your
pockets, proudly
and with the intention
of making them yours too.
Touch me, in a way that
makes me lean in,
with out thinking.
That makes me inhale
you, like a dry mouthed
junkie. In withdrawal
after one hit. One drag.
One line. One time.
Kiss me, like your lips
belong to me. A sticky
dragging of skin,
and tongues that
tell a story of want.
Bury your
hands in my hair and
arch my neck back,
baring it,
for your hot breathed
Smile at me, like you
understand every dark
corner of my soul, like
you want to go there with me.
Hold my hand,
and then let it go.
Show me.
You don’t need me.
You see me,
and you want me.

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comfort companions


I awoke encased in sweaty sheets tightly bound to my side with the press of super heated little bodies pressed tightly against mine. With their humans gone away for the summer to work, I allowed the furry creatures who share a house with us, into my bed because I felt lonely despite piling pillows on most of the king sized bed.

One is stretched out along the small of my back, sort of upside down and twisted so she contours my bottom. Little front feet bent and dangling, hind legs splayed wide open, lips flopped back over her face and snoring loud enough that she sounds like a rotund drunk man after a heavy night of drinking.

Another is on the same side as the first but she’s curled into the bend of my knee, taking up all space from the curve of my buttocks to just above my ankle…

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idyllic spring picnic


a trip to the market with my canvas bag…purchases include fresh baguette, local herbed goat cheese, fresh polish sausages and italian sweet meats which will be paired with the raspberry wine i made last year. my wool hudson bay blanket and fishing pole are in the car… my dogs and i are off to the woods and lazy river to catch some beautiful rainbow trout, to complete my dinner as it’s cooked over a small campfire, on the waters edge.

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