Punk Rock Papa sent me some poetry yesterday.  I am sure this one will resonate with everyone!  I love getting poetry 🙂

PACING DARK by Briton Underwood

I find my mind most at work when it should be shutting down
Sleep. You need it 
It doesn’t listen.
In fact, it never listens
As I race line through line, zipping in and out of time
I go over the fantasies of making it
Making what? Making IT
The american dream, after all that teenage angst and growing pains I was promised it.
I have been weighed, measured and found wanting
Yet  every night, there I am
Rushing racing climbing scraping.
Back and forth inside my mind
I go round and round with the dead
Their skeletons buried in the closet
Their memories stuck in my head.
Sleep. You need it
We could count the hours as they melt in to…

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